We Will Remember Them

Memories, memorial photos and details of 514 Squadron members who gave their lives whilst serving on the squadron.  Please contact us by e-mail or via the Facebook site, including the required attribution for any photos.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, near Kleve, Germany, is the resting place of 3971 RAF aircrew, more than any other war cemetery.  This includes a number from 514 Sqn.

Sgt. Peter Gosnold, Flight Engineer with 514 Sqn.(see photo on Home page), rests in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery with four of his crew mates and others from his squadron.They were killed on 21st November 1944 attacking the Rheinpresussen synthetic oil plant at Homberg.  Sgt. Gosnold was 20 years old.

The graves of the crew of DS814 in a Berlin war cemetery (minus the grave of the pilot, Sgt. Maurice Cantin.  See 'Crew Stories - Sgt. Bill Saddler'.  Photo (c) John Saddler.