RAF Station, Waterbeach

For the vast majority of its existence, the squadron was stationed at RAF Station, Waterbeach.  Situated just north of Cambridge, the airfield is adjacent to the A10 road.  It is now disused and sadly is inaccessible by the public.

The airfield was built in 1940 on the northern edge of Waterbeach village and was operated by RAF Bomber Command. The original control tower and many RAF buildings, including several hangars, are still present. The first squadron was 99 Squadron flying Wellingtons which arrived from RAF Newmarket in 1941. 514 Squadron arrived on 23 November 1943.

After the war the airfield was operated by Transport Command flying Yorks, Liberators and Dakotas. From 1960 to 1963 Fighter Command were at Waterbeach, flying Hunters, Meteors, Javelins and Swifts.

In 1966 the RAF Waterbeach was transferred to the Royal Engineers, as Waterbeach Barracks. 39 Engineer Regiment provides engineer support to the Royal Air Force and to United Kingdom Land Forces. In July 2011 the Ministry of Defence announced that the barracks would close, and the land sold for housing.
Closure took place on 28 March 2013, with 39 Engineer Regiment moving to Kinloss Barracks.

Source - Waterbeach Military Heritage Museum

RAF Waterbeach in 1945.

View of one of the hangars from the village side of the airfield (c) Simon Hepworth

Waterbeach Control Tower, September 2008 (c) Oliver Merrington

Click this link for a video clip of a Spitfire, 'Spirit of Kent', landing on the disused runway at RAF Waterbeach. (c) Oliver Merrington.

Control Tower, date unknown, but possibly 1970's looking at the cars.
(c) F Cubberley

Thank you to Oliver Merrington, Curator of the Waterbeach Military Heritage Museum, for the above material.  The Museum can be contacted at rafwaterbeach.museum@gmail.com