Crew Photos

Crew photos are always welcomed, with or without aircraft but with as much detail as you would like to share with us.  Please e-mail them as JPEG files to

Sgt. John Lawrie and crew

Alex Campbell and crew

Sgt Bert Sandland and crew

F/O AJ Uffindell and crew with 'Princess Patricia'

F/O Head DSO, DFC and crew with portrait of F/Sgt Foster DFM

F/Sgt E Shearing and crew

F/Sgt Ernest Kingham and crew

F/Sgt JB Underwood and crew

Sgt. Frederick Wall and crew.

L-R: Sgt. Ronald Harding (WOP/AG), Sgt. Leslie Coles (Rear Gunner), Sgt. Peter Gosnold (Flight Engineer), Sgt. (later F/O) Geoffrey France, F/O Kenneth Barker RCAF (Bomb Aimer), Sgt. William Meredith (MU Gunner), F/O Frederick Eisberg (Navigator)

Wedding of F/O Kenneth Barker RCAF to Miss Doris Bailey, Poplar, London, Oct / Nov 1944.  Miss Bailey is believed to have been an SOE agent.

F/O Eisberg, F/O France and Sgt. Harding.

Stan Wright and crew (and below)

F/L Ron Pickler DFC and crew